The LakeGarden Residences residents are close to an array of facilities


The Lakegarden Residences condo review is an 99-year leasehold development was sold in an auction of $273.88 which is equivalent approximately $273.88 million for each square foot in plot proportions (psf or ppr). Winville Investment, a subsidiary of Wing Tai Holdings, topped by a price 14.1 % higher than the reserve price of S$240 million.

The LakeGarden Residences is situated in a sought-after location in the Jurong neighborhood. It’s the ideal location to get away from the bustling city lifestyle and lets homeowners reside in Singapore’s future. Residents can avail public transport via close MRT stations buses, as well as major highways.

Alongside the convenience of traveling, The LakeGarden Residences residents are close to an array of facilities. High-end schools, prestigious eating establishments, world-class shopping centers as well as hospitals that are well-equipped and tranquil outdoor spaces are just only a hop, skip and a jump away from this stunning property. Therefore, you don’t need to go far away from your home to fulfill the demands of your day-to-day life.

With the shortage of new residential developments in the region, the need for the LakeGarden Residences is expected to be very high.

LakeGarden Residences LakeGarden Residences is located in the best location in Jurong, West Region. It is a mixed-development area with affordable, exquisite homes as well as commercial hubs. This makes it a great area for couples, singles and families who want the convenience.

The LakeGarden Residences is situated on the total area of 34,177 sq feet (sq Ft) with the plot size to 2.1 according to the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA). It will be a luxury residential property which will house 300 elegant and sophisticated residences.

The The LakeGarden Residences are situated within an established transportation system that makes it easy to get to all amenities. Nearby are Yuan Ching Road linking residents to the Ayer Rajah Expressway. Jurong Town Hall Road is located within a short distance and major highways such as Pan Island Expressway. Pan Island Expressway connect residents with other cities in the vicinity.

Commuters have easy access to a variety of MRT stations. Station Lakeside is among the closest stations to The LakeGarden Residences. Other stations in the vicinity comprise Chinese Garden, Bonn Lay, Pioneer, Jurong East and Joo Koon MRT stations. Therefore, getting around Singapore is an easy task.

The community is also family-friendly with a variety of schools from elementary, kindergarten and secondary and tertiary schools in the vicinity. The LakeGarden Residences’ ideal situation close to several schools, your children will have a smooth time going to class. The nearby schools comprise Lakeside Primary School, Yuan Ching Secondary School along with Jurong Secondary School.

Another reason to look into A different reason to consider LakeGarden Residences is its close proximity to medical centers. The LakeGarden Residences gives residents the opportunity to be in a secure environment and have access to medical assistance from fully equipped hospitals. AcuMed Medical Clinic is 750 meters away from The LakeGarden Residences. Family Point Clinic & Surgery and Silver Cross healthcare.

Living in The LakeGarden Residences offers you the opportunity to enjoy a variety of dining options.The close-by restaurants serve everything from international and local dishes in a relaxed setting ideal for dining outdoors. The majority of these restaurants are family-friendly, which makes them ideal for dinners with your kids.

Nature lovers will be delighted by the lush and refreshing vegetation close to their home. The parks that offer recreational activities within the vicinity include Jurong park connector Taman Jurong Park, Jurong Lake Gardens, Chinese Gardens and Butterfly Park. There is more recreation accessible in Snow City for ice skating enjoyment with the your family outdoors.

Garden Residences

Garden residence is a beautiful residential property located at Serangoon North View. It is situated in a size of 17,189.1sqm and has 613 magnificent units in its five-storey structure. It is accessible via established connections to important roads MRT station and buses. The residents have plenty of area and communal facilities in a lush and peaceful surroundings.

Garden homes are situated in an ideal spot close to many basic amenities, including hospitals, schools and restaurants, shopping malls and leisure facilities. Residents also get extravagant fittings of one of the most renowned developers that provide quality for the price.

LakeGarden Residences LakeGarden Residences is accessible via the well-maintained transportation system in the Jurong region. Residents are able to easily travel between the estates that surround it and the CBD as well as other areas that comprise the Island. Be it cycling, walking or driving, you’ll be able to expect a relaxed commute as a resident of The LakeGarden residences.

Yuan Ching Road is nearby just 3 minutes drive. Jurong Town Hall Road is in close proximity to link residents of the LakeGarden Residences with the estates that surround it. Motorists can connect easily to the Ayer Rajah Expressway and Pan Island Expressway and Pan Island Expressway, both of which are just a 10-minute drive from the property.

LakeGarden Residences residents who take public transport have access to a variety of MRT stations in the vicinity. Lakeside Subway Station is just a only a 4 minute drive. It is also within a short drive of the Chinese MRT Station, Jurong East, Boon Lay and Pioneer MRT stations are all easily accessible.

There are bus stops scattered throughout the neighborhood and are easily accessible from the LakeGarden Residences. Residents are able to access the bus service at different stops including Blk 367. Lakeside Station, Blk 538 and Blk 337 and the Boon Lay Shop Centre.

NewPort Residences is a luxury condo by City Development Limited


Newport Residences completion date provides a wide selection of options for living including restaurants, cafes and eateries as well as fashionable theaters and trendy restaurants, and boutiques in some of the top and sought after areas that have bars , restaurants and multiplexes, which include parks and trails and other entertainment. There are parks, playgrounds, and other places that are more appealing than other locations in Newport the capital city.

NewPort Residences condo is situated on Anson Road. The development will comprise of several homes which will be built with 250 homes to be constructed in the next calendar year. The developer, City Development Limited has been operating for a long time and has built luxury homes since.

The third partner of the partnership that is responsible for the management of NewPort Residences is MCL Land. A well-known company which makes up Singapore Real Estate, MCL is a key element of Jardine Matheson Group which has extensive experience in the development of residential properties across Singapore in Singapore and Malaysia. NewPort Residences properties comprise Leedon Green within District 10 Parc Esta. It is situated within the District 14,

Like Anson Condo Anson Condo It is situated inside The 80 Anson Road which comprises four roads which comprise Bernam Street, Anson Road, Tanjong Pagar Road and Keppel Road. One of the primary advantages of buying Anson Condo is that it is located inside the boundaries of the property close to the city’s center, and is accessible by major roads. It’s near an expressway that is named after it, The Central Expressway (CTE) and also its nearness to Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE).

It’s a fantastic alternative for those who depend on cars or motors to get around in the area. There are numerous MRT stations throughout the area, which include Telok Ayer MRT and Downtown MRT Station (CTE) and Raffles Avenue Station which also includes One of the MRT.

Together with the capacity for connecting with F&B outlets and supermarkets, retail stores, F&B outlets, as distinct from other establishments who offer local customers is another benefit of to invest in this type of business.

If you’re hosting a smaller gathering, you can sit on the lounges and take in the view from the terrace of the Clubhouse. Two gorgeous Pool Pavilions are an ideal space to host guests, and make memories that will last for the rest of your life. It is possible to swim in the pool since the property has an oversized lap pool of 50 meters, that will make you desire to splash in the waters. In addition to swimming in the pool, it’s an ideal location to hold an outside picnic.

The objective was to create the structure that would be appropriate for the central area of the city, in addition to the downtown area. It’s the latest connected property that was upgraded and upgraded by the renowned developer called City Developments (CDL) which was previously known as Fuji Xerox Towers. The style of the hotel’s new design will likely to include offices, which will be accessible in addition to apartments. The multi-integrated structure of 46 stories is among the primary components that define the style.

The NewPort Residences development will consist of several houses


Newport Residences completion date has a wide range of choices for living including cafes, restaurants and eateries along with fashionable cinemas, trendy eateries and boutiques within the most sought-after and sought-after centres with bars , restaurants and multiplexes that include trails and parks and clubs as well as other activities. There are playgrounds, parks, and other areas that are more attractive than other places in Newport the capital city.

The most popular properties is the newly discovered Piccadilly Grande. It has more than 77% apartments which were sold the same day, and were completed within a single morning. The district is made up of a variety of properties that are similar in District 9 as well as District 19. The executive condominiums being offered comprise Piermont Grand and The Brownstone.

NewPort Residences condo is situated on Anson Road. The development will consist of several houses that will be constructed with 250 homes that will be built during the following calendar year. City Development Limited, the developer, City Development Limited is in operation for some time and has constructed luxury homes since.

The third partner in the partnership accountable for managing NewPort Residences is MCL Land. A well-known business that is part of Singapore Real Estate, MCL is an integral part of the Jardine Matheson Group which has vast experience in the construction of residential properties throughout Singapore in Singapore as well as Malaysia. The NewPort Residences properties include Leedon Green within District 10 Parc Esta. It is located within District 14 District.

Similar to Anson Condo Anson Condo it is located in The 80 Anson Road which includes four roads that comprise Bernam Street, Anson Road, Tanjong Pagar Road and Keppel Road. One of the main benefits of purchasing Anson Condo is that it’s located within the borders of the property which is near the middle of town, and is easily accessible via important highways. It’s near an expressway, which is identified by its name, The Central Expressway (CTE) as well as its close proximity close proximity to Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE).

It’s an excellent alternative for people who depend on motors or vehicles for transportation in the area. There are many MRT stations in the region that include Telok Ayer MRT and Downtown MRT Station (CTE) and Raffles Avenue Station that also has one of the MRT.

Alongside the capability to connect to F&B outlets, retail stores, grocery outlets, F&B outlets, as distinct from other establishments that provide local customers is another reason investing in this kind of enterprise.

If you’re hosting a small gathering you can relax on lounges and enjoy the views from the terrace in the Clubhouse. Two beautiful Pool Pavilions provide the ideal location for hosting guests and creating memories that last throughout your life. You can swim in the pool as the property boasts a 50-meter lap pool, which will cause you to want to swim in the water. Apart from swimming at the pool, is also the ideal spot to host an outdoor picnic.

The aim was to construct a structure that was suitable for the central region of the city in addition to the downtown region. It’s the most recent connected property which was upgraded and improved by the famous developer known as City Developments (CDL) which was previously named Fuji Xerox Towers. The new hotel’s style is expected to include offices that will be available, as well as apartment units. The multi-integrated 46-story structure is one of the most important elements that define the design.

Blossoms by the Park by EL Developments providing opportunities for residential communities and lifestyle


The Blossoms by the Park was constructed in the wake of an agreement along EL Development. It is located close to The Buona Vista Station of the MRT It is also located close in the One-North technological Biomedical Hub as well as the one-north-technological. The latest version of the One-North Technology Hub. It includes 405 brand-new homes along with several houses in the neighborhood.

One-North has become an energizing region. It is a major site of a number of commercial parks which are high-tech and modern and research facilities that provide an ideal environment for conducting research, create innovative concepts or study. It was established in JTC which has since been transformed into the symbol of Singapore’s expanding business community.

Blossoms By The Park land cost has current information on the vast space of 220 square meters. The site can be described as the site where major industries are flourishing because of biomedical research and innovative initiatives in the field of information and communication media.

The unique work-live-play-learn-learn-play environment allows the integration of developments that are focused on industry together with communities for residential, lifestyle opportunities and educational institutions to create a stimulating and inspiring environment for creative minds to work together and innovate.

Blossoms by the Park is located in The One-North District 5. It is situated near Slim Barracks Rise, Next to NTU Alumni. One-North was founded in the early part of 2001. It was founded in the year 2000 , and was officially launched on January 1, 2001. It was established in the first quarter of 2001 in the form of Jurong Town Corporation. Jurong Town Corporation was Singapore’s Research and Development (R&D) and High-Tech Cluster.

The cluster was split into nine regions that comprise Pixel, Wessex, Rochester Park, Nepal Hill, Biopolis, Fusionopolis, Mediapolis, Vista and LaunchPad which is part of One-North. One-North is near two major motorways, which are vital.

One-North is located in an ideal area and is close to two MRT stations particularly The One North and Buona Vista (Interchange of the East-West and Circle Lines). Shopping malls are places where you can purchase things. The malls that Blossoms are situated in The Park include Rochester Mall, The Star Vista and Holland Village. The convenience store houses banks, a store which sells pharmaceutical products and pharmacies, as well as an retail store.

Students who are in their school or contemplating having children are going to be delighted to learn that the region is home to numerous top universities as well as schools. The institutes and schools throughout the regions are Fairfield Fairfield Methodist School, ACS School (Independent), Singapore Polytechnic, INSEAD, Anglo-Chinese Junior College and world-renowned National University of Singapore.

It is near numerous shopping centers, malls and malls as well as shopping centers, with The Star Vista being located near The Rochester Mall. The malls are home to a wide range of eateries, shops and stores that can meet your desires. Residents can easily walk to Holland Village. Holland Village is a town with numerous choices. It is renowned for its lively nightlife, which includes cafes, bars and restaurants with authentic bars to choose among. It’s the perfect place to relax and unwind with your loved ones and colleagues, while enjoying your morning cup of coffee before starting into your workday. It is also possible to enjoy an excellent breakfast.

In case you’re in search of something new, Gillman Barracks is just five minutes away. It’s located in the city’s lively. There are many art galleries dating back to the past and also structures that offer numerous bars, cafes and eateries.

It’s situated in the district of the Singapore’s One North district, that was the first district built in Singapore under the name of Singapore. It’s near the proposed site that is later identified as Dover Knowledge District. Dover Knowledge District. Dover Knowledge District. Dover Knowledge District. Dover Knowledge District is an extension of the cluster of companies located at Buona Vista. It’s situated within Buona Vista and is situated within Buona Vista, which is a the part that is Buona Vista and makes up The Buona Vista region which forms One-North. Dover Knowledge District is a Dover Knowledge District project is designed to draw new employers to the region and offer jobs to those living in the region. There are a variety of companies operating in the region. It is part of Pasir Area Planned Zone in Panjang that includes Science Park, National University of Singapore and Mapletree Business City.

You’re in one (or the majority) of these areas . If you’re planning to build your dream home in the Pasir Panjang region in order to speed up the growth of the area, Slim Barracks is a ideal option. Slim Barracks developments are located near to the work places and let residents get closer to specialists from around the world.

The Central Business District is also located only a few minutes away from Terra Hill condo

Terra Hill architect with a new residential project that is situated in a community that is one of the most sought-after areas within District 5. It’s being built in collaboration and Hoi Hup Sunway Kent Ridge Pte Ltd which is one of the most famous developers across the country. This development has a freehold with an estimated the TOP date to be 2026. The development is situated in the vicinity of the 18-22 Yew Siang Road, Singapore The development offers the comforts of a resort located in some of Singapore’s most exclusive regions in the.

Terra Hill condo is not just a typical residential community. It’s even more. Modern home appliances provide an additional level of comfort because of the elegant interiors built with contemporary appliances and household goods. The various designs of appliances create a feeling of luxury that’s ideal for the modern lifestyle that is popular in this part around the world.

It is one of plenty of communities of residence in the area, but Terra Hill is distinct from other communities. It was built to have distinctive characteristics which make it among the biggest houses built using freehold.

It’s packed with modern amenities such as eating pavilions and spas, fitness centers within the clubhouse and Jacuzzis and landscaping, and pools. The advantages of this development are many.

The area in the vicinity is home to the largest selection of establishments offering all the amenities required by people who need these. Schools and malls, natural parks and malls, as well as medical facilities are all available within these regions.

Within 5 minutes of the city’s central station , residents are able to enjoy all the advantages that the city has to offer.

Terra Hill Location is located in a very nice area. It’s surrounded by amenities that allow residents to live a tranquil and serene life. The location attracts potential customers who are considering purchasing property and is particularly attractive in the context of property investors.

The region is dotted with numerous spots. Leisure and recreation facilities are easily accessible. F&B establishments are also well-known within the area, making it easier to access, especially for those with an active schedule.

The Central Business District is also located only a few minutes away from the property making it much easier for employees to travel there without difficulty. It’s much easy to access because the property is connected to several MRT stations like Haw Par Villa MRT and Kent Ridge Park MRT. The property is linked to major highways such as that of Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE) and the West Coast Parkway.

In regards to top-quality schools they are plentiful throughout this region. District 05 is among the largest options of schools with a reputation that provide high-quality educational amenities. Schools such as Blangah Rise Primary School, Invictus International School, ACS International, Nan Hua Primary School and The National University of Singapore are among the schools listed on this list.

Terra Hill Floor Plan is designed to offer an ample space that can fulfill the requirements of potential renters. From one to four bedrooms Terra Hill certainly is providing the best homes that be able to satisfy the needs of potential tenant.

The living space from the living room to the bedroom The rooms provide an incredible ambience that allows you to feel relaxed and at ease. The interior isn’t the way you’d expect. It’s chic and contemporary. The property will offer enough space to make the dream home you’ve always contemplating for years.

The balcony is the perfect place to relax and take in the stunning views of the busy metropolis. Admire the street lights and the bustling avenues.

This is the story of Terra Hill’s Site is located upon Terra Hill

It was the original property which was called Flynn Park. The property was sold via the collective sale. The property was later purchased by a joint venture formed by Hoi Hup Realty, as well as Sunway Developments. The developers are the ones who built Ki Residences and sold more than 600 units prior to the middle of the year. Based on past sales, Terra Hill is expected to be sold quickly.

Hoi Hup Real Estate Limited. was established at the close of 1983. It is home to many developments that have proven to be successful, including Sophia Hills, The Ford and Waterford Residence to name a few.

Sunway Developments Pte Ltd as an individual entity was an affiliate of a major Malaysian MNC that is called the Sunway Group. The developer is involved in the creation and construction of large-scale projects like Sunway City.