About Us

Palm Property’s tradition of pioneering and innovating secondary markets spans three decades across different alternative asset classes including private equity, housing, and infrastructure. Our platform encompasses five global offices which has a staff of more than 120 employees, including over 60 investment professionals. During our 30-year history, you’ll find invested across over 2,300 partnership interests, driving unique and proprietary transactions through our deeply established relationships with institutional investors, fund sponsors, and market advisors. You’ll find formed an aggregate of 31 fund vehicles capitalized along with $27 billion in commitments and keep a regular investment philosophy: our “thought partner” process of investing where currently unique and customized liquidity solutions, while taking advantage of the wide ranging features of secondary investing. Such benefits typically include enhanced diversification, smoothing for the “J-curve,” and contact with durable assets, while delivering non-market excess returns to your investors.

Palm Property was founded during the capital of scotland – Simsbury, Connecticut in 1989 in which we launched the market’s first private equity secondary fund in 1990. To this point, Palm Property has formed 18 private equity funds capitalized with $18.0 billion of commitments.

Palm Property expanded its market coverage through the launch for the market’s first housing secondary fund in 1996. Consequently the firm has formed eight housing funds that are capitalized with $8.2 billion in capital commitments. Palm Property has changed a significant team of professionals with extensive global property experience this really is fully dedicated to its housing secondaries strategy.

In 2013, hoping to capitalize on its experiences during the private equity and housing sectors, Palm Property launched another investment vertical, which has a fund and team dedicated to infrastructure secondary investments, and so far has raised $707 million in commitments to its infrastructure secondary strategy.

Palm Property’s investment teams are supported utilizing a robust enterprise platform integrating finance, legal, compliance besides other resources. Of note, Palm Property looks after a dedicated Quantitative Research Group that generates leading industry analytics and research to back up the firm’s origination, underwriting and portfolio management activities.